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Bondek or commonly called floordeck is a sheet material made of galvanized or aluminum coated galvalume which is used to make a plywood replacement ceiling.
In addition, generally this material is also used to cast the second floor of a building which is called Metal Decking.



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Bondek will be supported by regular beams or steel beams. The purpose of metal decking is to help the roof retain heat from entering the room.

This method is suitable for high-rise Bondek size is calculated based on the dimensions of length, width and thickness. This section will explain the complete bondek size to help you measure the bondek needs that will later be used.

The length of bondek in stores, agents or bondek factories varies. Starting from the shortest is 3 meters, 4 meters, 5 meters and 6 meters. For the width, which is usually sold in stores also varies. Starting with a width of 60cm, 70cm, 80cm and 100cm. in general, the most commonly used is 100cm wide.buildings as roof ceilings or concrete floors.

Some people deliberately expose bondek and use paint as a finish to make it look more beautiful, but there are also those who let the original color shine. In use, bondek is corrugated with sturdy materials. Bondek is included in mild steel which is generally used in making roofs.


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