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hollow galvalume is a type of hollow that weighs the lightest

and is economical in terms of price.

Because the raw material is galvalume,

it is lighter and anti-corrosion / rust.



Hollow is an English word which means cavity. It is said to be hollow iron because its shape resembles a long hollow pipe with a rectangular diameter so that many call it a box-shaped pipe. This hollow is one of the categories of finished mild steel goods called partitioning at BLKP.


When talking about advantages, this hollow iron has many advantages. Apart from being a ceiling or roof support, hollow iron is also widely used as one of the building materials for making canopy frames, fences, railings (safety media in multi-storey houses), minimalist trellises and so on. Hollow iron is also widely used as the main material for the installation of gypsum panels and GRC panels.


In addition, because it looks like an upright box pipe, many building contractors use it as material in the house (interior) and minimalist-style furniture as is currently being popularly used by many homeowners.


Black Hollow Iron
The reason why is it called black hollow iron? Because this hollow iron has a black surface that tends to be grayish. Black hollow iron is made from a black plate made from hot rolled steel.

This black hollow iron is one of the products using the most standard material and is widely used and found on the market. In addition, black hollow iron has the most complete and size variations when compared to other types of hollow iron.


This black hollow iron is used for making house fences, security in multi-storey houses, and making canopies. Many car body industries also use it to make truck tires.


Even so, this black hollow iron is very easy to rust, so in its use this black hollow iron must be coated again with paint for the final result.

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    hollow galvalume , anti karat aman kena hujan juga

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